This Side of Paradise #26

Song: When I Get You Alone, Cover by Darren Criss (Robin Thicke)

Once Ronnie had told Josh that she’d be in his hotel room that evening, he could not focus on anything other than making that moment come as quickly as possible. 

He began by mentally planning how to get out of drinks with the rest of the crowd. Should he feign sickness? Pretend to be exhausted? Or should he just disappear? The whole group was wine drunk. And how would he get her away from her father? He jiggled his foot restlessly. He wanted her now, goddamnit. Couldn’t the rest of the world just vanish? Maybe he could just take her right here. Bend her over her chair while the whole room watched… 

Then again, she might not be pleased by that.

He stole glances at her throughout the meal. With a glass of Pinot Grigio in her she seemed to relax, which made Josh happy.  She had started to chatter with the other cast members. It hurt him to see how tense she was. Her face spoke to sleepless nights. He wanted so badly to know what pained her, so he could take it away. But he had promised to ask no questions. 

But she never said for how long that bargain lasted….

The wine must have really cured her because at some point between dinner and dessert, her hand had made its way to his knee. Then it snaked up and squeezed his inner thigh. He practically choked on his water glass. His jeans became a little bit tighter. In his peripheral vision he could see her smirk before pulling her hand away and continuing to chat like nothing had happened.  Somehow, after painful years of waiting, the dinner was over. He didn’t even touch his chocolate cake. The actress beside him, Maria, an older woman who played his mother on the show, said, “Josh, are you feeling alright?”

"Actually…." he said slowly, "I’m feeling kind of sick. Do you mind if I skip the drinks tonight?"

Everyone waved their hands, encouraging him to get his rest. “Lots of work ahead,” they said. “Get some sleep,” they insisted. He glanced over at Ronnie.  She was nodding along, telling him to go to bed, except she had a secret smile for him, hidden in the corner of her mouth. 

They all stood up and said their goodbyes to Mr. Brennan and Veronica. Josh leaned into her, slipping his extra hotel key into her hand. “It was nice meeting you.”

"Same to you," she sighed as he let go of her arm.

The crowd of them made a slow progression into the lobby, where they continued to mill around talking and laughing for far too long. Josh extricated himself and made for the elevator.  He figured he needed to allow Ronnie to slip away unnoticed, preferably not at the same time as him. As the elevator door began to close she waggled her fingers at him, a flirtatious goodbye.

Everything felt like slow motion. Why wasn’t she here in this elevator with him? Why wasn’t she in the hallway so that he could pin her up against the wall?  He needed her alone, all to himself. 

As he opened the door to his hotel room, his phone buzzed in his back pocket. He felt the fire spread over his skin as he read the words that Ronnie had written to him: If you aren’t naked and ready for me when I arrive, there will be hell to pay.

Josh held his breath and tried to decided if he wanted to know what hell was like.


LATER TONIGHT: i will be posting my crackship khaleesi x josh one shot. beware. 

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